My Sisterlock journey so far in pictures

After 3 years as a loose natural I decided to lock my hair.  Months of research lead me to Sisterlocks and in 2009 I was Sisterlocked.  Below are my hair statistics as well as pictures from my journey so far.

Vital Sisterlock Statistics
Installation: 9-11 November 2009 by Tassahai
Installation time: 31 hours
Initial Length: 7 inches
Maintenance Method: Professional Latching by Bespoke Hair Styles
Latching Time & Frequency: 3 ½ hours every 6 weeks
Sisterlock Count: 500+
Pattern/Tool: 4 point
Loose Hair Texture: Type 4B/4C fine tightly curled hair with high density in the centre and no curl pattern throughout

Click on the images below to see larger versions of each picture.


First Month


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

Year 4 – the journey so far…

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8 Responses to My Sisterlock journey so far in pictures

  1. Minaloma says:

    Thank you for sharing this! I’m seriously considering locing and these pics really help!… Just wondering if the installation was teeny braids or 4 point locs? Thanks!

    • Hi Minaloma,
      Thanks for taking the time to read my blog and comment. My locks are sisterlocks and were started by a trained sisterlock consultant, in a precise grid pattern, using the trademarked sisterlock tool. They are maintained by interlocking using the same tool. Interlocking sisterlocks is a method of retightening locks by threading the end of the lock through the root (bit near the scalp) in 4 directions. If you google “retightening sisterlocks” you will see YouTube videos of the process. Hope that helps 🙂

      • Minaloma says:

        Hi huntress! Thank for the reply.Yes I’m familiar with sisterlocs, I even went for a consultation where she installed 6 and I asked her to stop cause it was so painfull! My hair is around your length and I was thinking I would try starting them with tiny braids to avoid all the pulling and yanking then interloc in the 4pattern…Do you remember if your installation was painful?

      • Oh no, my installation was not painful at all. Neither are my retightenings. Having your hair done should never hurt. I’m glad you asked the consultant to stop, god know’s what she/he would have done to your hair.
        If you want Sisterlocks maybe you should try another consultant? Or you can have braids an use the interlock method to retighten them. They are both great options.

  2. Bahira says:

    Hi, I am so impressed with your journey, dis may seem an easy way out for me, cos I over manipulate my hair, want to knw if u having been keeping this particular locs for d past 4yrs or u havin been removing it and doing it again also how abt your natural hair, hope it does nt get damage in the process? cos I hv heard pple say they had to cut off their hair in the process of removing their locs.

  3. Cathrina Oshinowo says:

    Hi Helen any advice on cleaning up a messy grid pattern? hummm Your pics are lovely and illustrate what can be done with beautiful hair!!!!

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