My hair before Sisterlocks

Before my hair was Sisterlocked I wore it loose for 3 year. In that time I learnt how to nurture and truly care for my hair. I grew to understand that natural hair isn’t difficult or hard to manager it’s just not straight and should be treated as if it was.

When handled with care, washed regularly, conditioned, hydrated and oiled it’s true beauty and versatility is revealed. Here are a few pictures from my pre-sisterlock days. On this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I will share beautiful pictures of all types of natural hair as well as general hair news. Follow me to receive these updates.

Click on the images below to see larger versions of each picture.

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3 Responses to My hair before Sisterlocks

  1. Tre says:

    Huntress! From Nappturality … It’s weird but I remember you from there because we share the same birthday (? 29th) LOL. I’m weird like that. Hello. Great blog by the way.

  2. Cathrina Oshinowo says:

    I just love every picture of you! Pre Sisterlocs and post, no fav’s!!!!! all lovely Cathrina

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