Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

Huntress Locs: Sisterlocks then and now

Huntress Locs: Sisterlocks then and now

This is a quick post for those (like me) that became disheartened at the beginning of their loc or natural hair journey. My newly installed sisterlocks weren’t like the beautiful locs I saw online. They where short, spacey and didn’t look like locs.

While long thick locs are gorgeous, it’s important to remember that everyone doesn’t have super thick hair and the pictures you see aren’t always achievable for everybody.

Most people like myself have thin patches, bits that don’t grow, bit that grow too much and sections of hair that randomly do their own thing. But you know what, its normal and its amazing. Just think, there is no one, absolutely no one in the world that has what you have. Your locs and your natural hair is beautiful because it is unique.

The picture above shows my locs a day after installation. You can see my hair is naturally thin on the sides. The picture on the right are my locs now, well September 2014. My hair is still thin, but as my locs have grown it’s less noticeable.  My thinner sides are part of my hair and there is nothing that can be done about them. No oils, creams or treatments will make it thicker. It has taken a while and lots of £££ spent on products that don’t work for me to learn this. But I have and and love my locs as they are.

Appreciating the beauty in others does not mean you should want their hair. I’ve recently seen a discussion on  a natural hair group where someone new to their natural hair journey wanted to quit as her locs where as thick as her loc crush’s. We need to love what we have and move on. Your hair is your hair. Loving it as it is will make you much happier. Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle.

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2 Responses to Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle

  1. Hi

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post, and your perspective. You’re right, it is important for us to remember that beauty comes from within, and to not place too much emphasis on images of others. Some of these images have been “enhanced” to create an ideal of beauty, and then you can end up chasing an ideal that you’ll never attain – a sure-fire recipe for misery!

    I’ve finally at a stage in my natural hair journey when I remember how much progress I’ve made, and how much happier I am with how my hair looks, and your blog is a great inspiration. Thank you.

    Marcia 🙂

    • Love your comment Marica. Thank you for reading and commenting. I’m actually thinking of discussing natural hair picture tricky as so many feel disheartened when they really shouldn’t.

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