5 Top Loc Myths Busted

1 – MYTH: Locs don’t have many styling options.
TRUTH: Locs are versatile

I believe this is one of the biggest worries for loose naturals considering locs. They worry that once their hair is locked all styling options are gone. This couldn’t be further from the truth as locs are as versatile as loose hair. They can be curled, braided, put in updos, bunned, looped or so much more. The only limit is the imagination of the person doing the styling. Here are a few DIY styles I’ve created with my locs.

DIY Locs Styles by Huntresslocs

DIY Locs Styles by Huntresslocs

2 – MYTH: Locs are dirty
TRUTH: Locs are clean!!!

Many people with locs wash their hair more fluently than they had previously as the process is very simple. You can just wash and go. For the first year of my loc journey, I only used shampoo on my locs and they flourished (read more here).

I wash my locs weekly and am please to say that those that I have met with locs regularly wash theirs too. There are loc’d naturals that don’t wash frequently, but let’s be honest there are loose naturals, braid and weave wearers out there that don’t wash frequently as well. Dirty hair has nothing to do with hair being loc’d. Some people out there are nasty, plain and simple.

3 – MYTH: Locs are unprofessional
TRUTH: Locs are professional

I’ve worked in the corporate world for the past 10 years with my natural hair. My afro or locs have had no impact on my career or opportunities available to me. At work my focus has always been knowing my role and being an asset wherever I work. My hair has been a topic of conservation as some people have genuine questions which I’m always happy to answer but never a hindrance. I’ve never been asked to change my hair or wear it in a straight style as it has no impact on my performance.

One thing to note is that while locs are professional all loc styles are not. At work when I’m representing the company at external meeting, I opt for a conservative style in keeping with the environment I’m visiting. My African print wraps, bows, scarves etc are left at home and I put my hair in a bun, fancy ponytail or half up and half down do. This applies to all at my company and everyone adopts a more conservative look for meetings.

4 – MYTH: Locs require no maintenance
TRUTH: Locs require minimal maintenance and products

All natural hair requires maintenance and some products to keep it clean, healthy and moisturised. Locs are especially cylinders of matted hair, they require less products as they are the ultimate protective style but do need some help.

5 – MYTH: Locs are all the same
TRUTH: Each set of locs are unique

Before locking I had spent days, weeks, months years looked at my favourite vloggers and bloggers and assumed that my locs would look like theirs. But factors such as texture, density, length and more contribute to the time hair takes to lock and the final look. Using the same products as your favourite blogger will not make your locs look like theirs. Everyone’s hair is unique which is the beautiful thing about our hair. Just imagine having something out there that no one else in the world has. It’s amazing.

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