The Natural Hair Bride: Sisterlocked Wedding Story

After what seemed like years of planning, our special day finally came…and went in a flash of joy, smiles, crazy dancing and other happy emotions. For many brides the whole process of planning a wedding can be very stressful. While I will not pretend that the whole process was easy, I will say that there was one thing that did not cause a moment a stress – it was my hair.

Being a natural bride with sisterlocked hair opened a whole world of styling possibilities up to me. I turned to social media for inspiration and found lots of beautiful style options. With so much choice out there it really is an amazing time to be a natural bride who plans to style their own hair for the big day.

Wedding day hair style and makeup

Hair Preparation: Retighten by Melissa &  Huguette of Bespoke Hair Styles
Colour: Aveda Institute
Hair Style:
Self styled by little old me – Helen of Huntress Locs
Hair Products: Avocado Honey Silk 
Nyla of Kulchic Beauty

Selecting the style
As a natural hair blogger, I see many absolutely stunning styles daily. When considering the style for my wedding day I had to consider many factors. I wanted a style that;

  • was sophisticated
  • complimented by dress
  • suited the wedding theme
  • that I could create myself
  • and would be comfortable to wear all day.

After months of searching I decided to indulge my love of colour and visit the Aveda Institute for a professional ruby red colour. Red locs would be my little something extra rather than an elaborate style on the day.

Wedding day hair preparation
My hair was coloured four days before my wedding. I delayed my usual retighten appointment as I wanted fresh locs on the day. The aggressive washing that it is required to remove residue from the colouring process meant my hair was a beauifully coloured fizzy mess by retightening day. I paid a visit to my consultants at Bespoke Hair Styles for a fresh retighten the day before the wedding. Not only did they retighten my hair, but they had purchased glitter to help give it extra sparkle. The night before the wedding I spritzed my hair with Avocado Honey Silk spritz and curled by sisterlocks with foam curlers. The spritz was used to help maintain the moisture in my hair and make sure my locks were soft and had movement on the day. I chose not to use any holding products as I don’t like stiff locs. The morning of the wedding I removed the curlers and wore my hair in a side swept pinned curly do to show off my colour and length. I tend to find updos uncomfortable after a few hours no matter how loose I make them, which is why my hair was partially up and not in a full updo.

Wedding Picture Gallery

Well that’s it for my wedding day blog post. It was an amazing day and I hope this post has given you a small glimpse into it. If you like this post share it, subscribe to my blog for weekly updates also
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Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.


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9 Responses to The Natural Hair Bride: Sisterlocked Wedding Story

  1. Totally love it. Thanks for sharing your wedding story. Beautiful bride indeed.

  2. gorgeous hair and make-up congrats on your big day! xx

  3. Very nice. Love the dress. Blessing on your marriage!

  4. almocado says:

    You looked absolutely stunning. What a wonderful day! Wishing you many many years of love, togetherness and happiness 🙂

  5. You looked amazing Helen . Thank you so much for sharing x

  6. lashawn says:

    Your wedding photos are BEAU-TI-FUL!!!!

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