Mega bun tutorial


Hi All,

I know it’s been a while, but here is a quick guide showing you how I create a large bun with my medium length sisterlocks.

1 – My loose shoulder length sisterlocks.

2 – The 3 items I use to create my mega bun. I use:

– a large hair net to catch the ends of the short locs
– a large hair band to gather then later secure my bun
– and finally a large sponge donut to turn my mini bun into a mega bun.

3 – Create a high loose ponytail using the large hair band.

4 – Feed the ponytail through the centre of the donut.

5 – Remove the hair band.

6 – Lightly pull the sides to loosen them. Make sure that your hair is not tight as that will lead to a headache and possibly hair loss.

7 – Fan your hair out so it covers the donut all the way round.
8 – Cover the whole bun with the large hair net.

9 – Use the large hair band to secure the net over the bun.

10 – Now neaten the bun by tucking in the loose ends. Once again loosen the ends to make sure your bun is not too tight.

There you have it. A mega bun to style up or down as you like.

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3 Responses to Mega bun tutorial

  1. Nice post! Love the colour of your locs 🙂

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