Product update: My favourite leave-in is no more



After 6 months of faithful service its time for me to find a replacement for my Indigofera Organic Hair Souffle Nourishing Leave-In conditioner. While I love this leave-in I need to find an easily accessible UK.

The leave-In really works well on my sisterlocks as it helps lock in moisture, doesn’t leave any residue and a little going a long way. But now that I’m at the bottom of the jar I am unable to order the product in the UK. The one online retailer that stocks it, hasn’t had any for months.

My search for an alternative begins tomorrow. I will post updates on my progress and will amend my regimen page as I go along. The product junkie in me is very excited, but the bride in me knows I don’t have time for this.

Thanks for reading this. Comment if you have product suggestions.

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3 Responses to Product update: My favourite leave-in is no more

  1. almocado says:

    Someone told me there’s a blessing behind every closed door. I’m hopeful that our UK brands can rise to this challenge and provide you with a suitable alternative!

  2. Chantel says:

    Make your own, loads of recipes to try. Maybe read the ingredient list try to copy. Good luck

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