To DIY or Not To DIY that is the question

This is one of the key decisions to make on your sisterlocks journey. You can have your locks taken care of by a professional, or maintaining your sisterlocks yourself. I’ve taken the sisterlocks retightening course, spent over 2 years retightening my own locks, and have had my locks professionally maintained.  I’ve chosen to have my sisterlocks maintained professionally by the ladies of Bespoke Hair Styles.

Here are the benefits I’ve experienced from each option:

DIY Offers True freedom – I retightened when I wanted to and didn’t need to fit to a consultants schedule.

Economical – DIYing is free. I saved approximately £1,000 in 2 years.

Sense of pride – I felt a great sense of accomplishment caring for my sisterlocks. Regularly retightening 500+ locks takes commitment and dedication.

Greater understanding of my hair – Maintaining my locks myself meant I paid close attention to my hair’s health, learnt about growth rates, density and general quirks of my sisterlocks.


Professional attention/advice – My consultants are able to monitor my sisterlocks and give me professional advice regarding their upkeep and maintenance. This is really valuable to me as their advice comes from knowledge and experience rather than guess work.

Time – My hair takes my consultants just 3 hours to retighten but takes me a FULL day. This means a very very very early start and very late finish. After a while I got sloopy and knew I couldn’t do it anymore.

Social aspect – For 3 hours while my hair is being cared for, I’ve got an opportunity to chat about hair, the hair care industry and set the world to rights. This should not be undervalued.

Both options are great and sisterlocks give you the freedom of choice. It’s very important to be able to care for your own natural hair or sisterlocks. I’m glad I have that choice.

Ultimately, I love my consultants, trust them with my hair and enjoy being pampered for 3/4 hours every 6 weeks.

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  1. Cathrina Oshinowo says:

    Truthful comments Helen……..Cathrina

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