My hair before Sisterlocks

Before my hair was Sisterlocked I wore it loose for 3 year. In that time I learnt how to nurture and truly care for my hair. I grew to understand that natural hair isn’t difficult or hard to manager it’s just not straight and should be treated as if it was.

When handled with care, washed regularly, conditioned, hydrated and oiled it’s true beauty and versatility is revealed. Here are a few pictures from my pre-sisterlock days. On this blog, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I will share beautiful pictures of all types of natural hair as well as general hair news. Follow me to receive these updates.

Click on the images below to see larger versions of each picture.

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Fun Friday Sisterlock Up-do


Really love the flexibility and styling options having locks gives me. When I want to style my hair I do, when I don’t my hair is already done. 🙂

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My very first post!

My Own Very First Post!

I always wanted to write my own blog, but for some reason I just didn’t feel I had much contribute. This week I decided to just start my blog, and found myself with a quite interesting challenge, what to write about on my first blog post?

Well, I’ve thought about it and think the best place to start is by letting you know why I’ve always wanted to blog and what this blog will be about.

The aim of this blog is to document and share my natural hair journey. I’ve sent years admiring natural hair, talking about natural hair and sharing pictures of (yes you guessed it natural hair), so I though its time to just start blogging.

When I first decided to go natural it was the blogs, YouTube videos and community on that helped me transition and know how to care for my hair. It’s now my turn to return the favor.

In this blog I will share natural hair styles, my own Sisterlock styles, product reviews, hair care tips and my general ramblings.

I hope this blog helps to encourages others by highlighting how truly beautiful and versatile our curls, kinks, naps and locks are.

If my ramblings help those transitioning from chemically processed hair (relaxers, texturisers , “natural” perms) to natural hair or encourages fellow naturals to be more confidence to try something new my efforts will be worth something.

Please do share this blog if you like what you read as that will really help encourage me.

Thanks you for reading my very first post and there will be many more to come.



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